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Implementation Security

Welcome to the website of the Implementation Security Group at the Ruhr University Bochum. The group is headed by Prof. Dr. Amir Moradi and was established on August 1, 2022 in the Faculty of Computer Science. Here, you find information about our projects, research, and teaching activities.


  • 12.2022 – The EU project enCRYPTON started by the kick-off meeting at Sabancı University, Istanbul on 5-7.12.2022.
  • 11.2022 – David Knichel, Amir Moradi, Nicolai Müller, Pascal Sasdrich won the 1st place in the 9th German IT Security Award and received 100,000 €.
  • 11.2022 – Paper accepted at IEEE S&P 2023. Endres Puschner, Thorben Moos, Christian Kison, Steffen Becker, Amir Moradi, Christof Paar, “Red Team vs. Blue Team: A Real-World Hardware Trojan Detection Case Study Across Four Modern CMOS Technology Generations
  • 10.2022 – The BMBF project ProPair started by the kick-off meeting at cosinuss GmbH on 21.10.2022.
  • 09.2022 – The BMBF project KOSEF started by the kick-off meeting at NXP Semiconductors on 30.09.2022.
  • 09.2022 – Paper accepted at CHES 2023. Aein Rezaei Shahmirzadi, Siemen Dhooghe, Amir Moradi, “Low-Latency and Low-Randomness Second-Order Masked Cubic Functions
  • 09.2022 – The BMBF project DevToSCA started by the kick-off meeting in Ruhr University Bochum on 01.09.2022.
  • 08.2022 – Paper accepted at CCS 2022. Siemen Dhooghe, Aein Rezaei Shahmirzadi, Amir Moradi, “Second-Order Low-Randomness d+1 Hardware Sharing of the AES
  • 08.2022 – ImpSec presents 8 papers at CHES 2022.