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Master Seminar - Information Security


The seminar will focus on various security and privacy aspects in cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms, security aspects of machine learning platforms, as well as on the security of secure hardware, such as Trusted Execution Environments.

Students are expected to investigate a narrow topic based on recently published literature. The investigation findings are to be included in a report and presented during the class.

We will organize the seminar in the spirit of a scientific conference. Besides writing a report on the selected topic, students are expected to constructively review each other’s reports – akin the peer-review system commonly used in current academic conferences.

At the end of this seminar, students will be able to study a narrowly-defined topic, understand basic insights into best research trends and practices in that topic, and write concise scientific reports with respect to their findings. Students will also develop experience in giving scientific presentations, and get valuable insights into peer-reviewing.

Students will be evaluated based on the quality of their report, as well as on their presentation skills.


Language English
Expose max. 3 pages
Preliminary and final reports max. 12 pages
Presentation 15 min (+5 min Q&A)
Schedule Summer Term 2023
20.03 – 26.03.2023Application of the topics (Central seminar system of the HGI)
04.04.2023Kick-off event in MC 1/54 at 16:15. Attendance is compulsory.
23.04.2023Submission of the exposé.
11.06.2023Preliminary final version, submission to supervisor and class for reviews.
25.06.2023Submission of reviews by students.
11.07.2023Submission of final version after incorporating the reviews and supervisor’s corrections.
14.07.2023Presentation day (starting: TBA)


Schedule Winter Term 2022/2023
Application of the topics (Central seminar system of the HGI)
11.10.2022Kick-off event at 16:00 in MC 1.54. Attendance is compulsory.
06.11.2022Submission of the synopsis
08.01.2023Preliminary final version, submission to supervisor and class for reviews.
22.01.2023Submission of reviews.
31.01.2023Final final version after incorporating the reviews and supervisor corrections.
03.02.2023Presentation day in GD 03/141 (starting from 12:00!)