We constantly offer B.Sc and M.Sc. thesis projects in the areas of blockchain security, ML security, and platform security. If you are interested in doing your B.Sc./M.Sc. thesis in these areas, please have a look at the further information below and contact us.


  • Sven Venherm, „Tool-Chain for court-proof analysis of Cyber Security incidents“, B.Sc., 2022
  • Alexander Jan Zielinski,Imperceptible Adversarial Examples for Autonomous Vehicles“, M.Sc, 2022
  • Sebastian Alscher, „Price of Anarchy in the Lightning Network“, M.Sc, 2022
  • Annika Wilde, „Securing next-generation plattforms“, M.Sc, 2022
  • Malcom Mohamed, „Analysis of Second-Layer Solutions for Permissioned Blockchains“, M.Sc, 2022
  • Fabian Rüsen, „Security Analysis of Adversarial Examples in the Graybox Model“, M.Sc, 2022
  • Pascal Bongartz, „Cross-Dimensional Security Assessment of an AutoML Training Pipeline“, M.Sc, 2023
  • Tobias Pagel, „Increasing accountability in centralized mining pools using TEEs as a trust anchor“, B.Sc, 2023
  • Jan Richter, „Security Analysis of Transfer-based Adversarial Attacks in the Graybox Model“, M.Sc, 2023


  • Justin Szczepaniak,Solana Smart Contract Security“, B.Sc, 2022
  • Benedict Schlüter, „Security of TEEs in the presence of malicious peripherals“, M.Sc, 2022
  • Robin Enste, „BSI IT-Grundschutz-Profil for a Consulting / Professional Service Provider
    (SME Referencew Company with High Protection Requirements)“, M.Sc, 2022
  • Alexander Rudolf, „Modelling blockchains“, B.Sc, 2022