It’s time you were T0RTT a les­son: Here’s how you could build a bet­ter Tor


Si­cher­heits­lü­cken im In­ter­net­pro­to­koll „IPsec“ iden­ti­fi­ziert.

Cisco patches IOS in re­s­pon­se to boff­ins‘ IKE-bus­ting bre­ak­th­rough

Cryp­to Flaw Af­fects Pro­ducts From Cisco, Hua­wei, ZyXEL

This At­tack Has Been Around for 20 Years — And It’s Back Again With The Blei­chen­ba­cher Ora­cle At­tack on VPNs


The Re­gis­ter: F5 DROW­Ning, not wa­ving, in cryp­to fail

Golem.​de:​ RO­BOT-An­griff – 19 Jahre alter An­griff auf TLS funk­tio­niert immer noch

For­bes: ‚ROBOT At­tack‘ Ex­po­sed Face­book With 19-Ye­ar-Old Bug — Mas­si­ve Web­sites Still Vul­nerable

Ars Tech­ni­ca: 1998 at­tack that mes­ses with sites’ secret cryp­to keys is back in a big way

The Ha­cker News: ROBOT At­tack: 19-Ye­ar-Old Blei­chen­ba­cher At­tack On En­cryp­ted Web Reintro­du­ced

The Re­gis­ter: I, Robot? Ai­i­iee, ROBOT! RSA TLS cryp­to at­tack pwns Face­book, Pay­Pal, 27 of 100 top do­mains

Se­cu­ri­ty Af­fairs: ROBOT At­tack: RSA TLS cryp­to at­tack wor­ked against Face­book, Pay­Pal, and tens of 100 top do­mains

Bleeping Com­pu­ter: Va­ria­ti­on of 19-Ye­ar-Old Cryp­to­gra­phic At­tack Af­fects Face­book, Pay­Pal, Others

Threat­Post: 19-Ye­ar-Old TLS Vul­nerabi­li­ty Wea­kens Mo­dern Web­site Cryp­to

SC Ma­ga­zi­ne: TLS ex­ploit ‚ROBOT‘ ca­pi­ta­li­zes on 19-ye­ar-old vul­nerabi­li­ty; ven­dors issue patch

Ha­cking Prin­ters

We don’t want to alarm you, but Post­Script makes your prin­ter an at­tack vec­tor

For­scher: Si­cher­heits­lü­cken in Netz­werk­dru­ckern er­lau­ben Da­ten­dieb­stahl

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