M. A. Jennifer Friedauer


Research assistant

Ruhr-University Bochum
Faculty of Computer Science
Human-Centred Security
Universitätsstr. 150
D-44801 Bochum

Room: —

Telephone: —

Office Hours: By arrangement

E-Mail: jennifer.friedauer@rub.de



• Since 10/2023 Extern but still Family, Hu­man-Cent­red Se­cu­ri­ty
• 05/2019 – 10/2023 Re­se­arch As­sis­tant, Hu­man-Cent­red Se­cu­ri­ty
• 01/2018 – 04/2019 Stu­dent Re­se­arch As­sis­tant, Human Tech­no­lo­gy In­ter­ac­tion Group (HTI), De­part­ment of Psy­cho­lo­gy, Ruhr-Uni­ver­si­ty Bo­chum
• 01/2017 – 04/2019 Stu­dent Re­se­arch As­sis­tant, Pro­ject Pro­Viel, Phy­sics Edu­ca­ti­on, Uni­ver­si­ty Du­is­burg-Es­sen
• 03/2018 – 04/2018 Stu­dent Re­se­arch As­sis­tant, Pro­ject Pro­Viel, Ma­the­ma­tics Edu­ca­ti­on, Uni­ver­si­ty Du­is­burg-Es­sen
• 01/2017 – 12/2017 Stu­dent Re­se­arch As­sis­tant, On­line-Edu­ca­ti­on Group, Le­arning Lab, Uni­ver­si­ty Du­is­burg-Es­sen
• 07/2016 – 12/2016 Stu­dent Re­se­arch As­sis­tant, Mer­ca­tor Re­se­arch Group 2 “SPACES OF AN­THRO­PO­LO­GI­CAL KNOW­LEDGE PRO­DUC­TION AND TRANS­FER”, Ruhr-Uni­ver­si­ty Bo­chum


• 04/2023 – 10/2023 Introduction to Usable Security and Privacy (Cour­se ID: 211036), Ruhr-University Bochum
• 09/2022 – 03/2023
• 04/2020 – 04/2021 Prac­tical Re­se­arch Cour­se Hu­man-Cent­red Se­cu­ri­ty (Cour­se ID: 142362), Ruhr-University Bochum

Academic Services:
• Program Committee (PC) Member: European Symposium on Usable Security (EuroUSEC’23)

Aca­de­mic De­grees:
• Mas­ter of Arts, M.A. – 2019 Edu­ca­tio­nal Sci­ence and So­ci­al Sci­ence, Ruhr-Uni­ver­si­ty Bo­chum
• Ba­che­lor of Arts, B.A. – 2016 Edu­ca­tio­nal Sci­ence and Cul­tu­re, In­di­vi­du­al and So­cie­ty (So­ci­al Sci­ence), Ruhr-Uni­ver­si­ty Bo­chum


Current research on IT Se­cu­ri­ty Edu­ca­ti­on:
• Self-Ef­fi­ca­cy
• Be­ha­vi­or Chan­ge
• Trai­nings (e.g. An­ti-Phis­hing Trai­nings)
• User Awa­ren­ess
• Usability and Accessibility of Authentication Methods
• Le­arning and Pro­blem Sol­ving
• Phishing and Social Engineering

Other Re­se­arch In­te­rests:
• Edu­ca­tio­nal Tech­no­lo­gy
• Em­pi­ri­cal Re­se­arch Me­thods
• Trans­pa­ren­cy of Re­se­arch

Past Projects:
• Mas­ter The­sis (2019) on Hard­ware-Re­ver­se-En­gi­nee­ring as a Pro­blem Sol­ving Pro­cess and the Role of Prior Know­ledge.
• Ba­chelor The­sis (2016) on Ad­op­ti­on of Peer and Ex­pert Feed­back Com­ments in Stu­dents Writ­ten Texts.(Con­tent Ana­ly­sis)


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doi: 10.1109/EuroSPW59978.2023.00070