Bachelor and Master Theses


Betreuer: Annalina Buckmann, Konstantin Fischer, Jennifer Friedauer, Marco Gutfleisch, Jonas Hielscher, Maximilian Peiffer, Martina Angela Sasse
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We’re happy you’re interested in writing a thesis at HCS!

We usually try to find thesis topics that fit a student’s interests. Please don’t hesitate to approach us with a preliminary idea, topic, or question that you think might be related to HCS research.

Please note:

  • If you already attended one of our courses, you are better prepared for writing a thesis in our field of research.
  • You should try to arrange a topic early, as we are usually unable to support last-minute requests.
  • If you have no explicit topic or question you could work on, do not hesitate to visit our website and look what topics other students worked on and especially what our team members work on. You may, of course, also approach team members directly or via email.
  • You can ask for literature or advice, if you are interested in a topic and want to inform yourself before you decide to write a thesis on that topic.
  • Theses are usually written in English.