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Bachelor and Master Theses


Be­treu­er: An­na­lina Buck­mann, Kon­stan­tin Fi­scher, Jen­ni­fer Frie­dau­er, Marco Gut­fleisch, Jonas Hiel­scher, Ma­xi­mi­li­an Peif­fer, Mar­ti­na An­ge­la Sasse
Be­ginn: nach Ver­ein­ba­rung


We’re happy you’re in­te­rested in wri­ting a the­sis at HCS!

We usual­ly try to find the­sis to­pics that fit a stu­dent’s in­te­rests. Plea­se don’t he­si­ta­te to ap­proach us with a preli­mi­na­ry idea, topic, or ques­ti­on that you think might be re­la­ted to HCS re­se­arch.

Plea­se note:

  • If you al­re­a­dy at­ten­ded one of our cour­ses, you are bet­ter pre­pa­red for wri­ting a the­sis in our field of re­se­arch.
  • You should try to ar­ran­ge a topic early, as we are usual­ly un­able to sup­port last-mi­nu­te re­quests.
  • If you have no ex­pli­cit topic or ques­ti­on you could work on, do not he­si­ta­te to visit our web­site and look what to­pics other stu­dents wor­ked on and es­pe­ci­al­ly what our team mem­bers work on. You may, of cour­se, also ap­proach team mem­bers di­rect­ly or via email.
  • You can ask for li­te­ra­tu­re or ad­vice, if you are in­te­rested in a topic and want to in­form yours­elf be­fo­re you de­ci­de to write a the­sis on that topic.
  • The­ses are usual­ly writ­ten in English.