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Doctorate and habilitation


Computer scientists are in high demand and often find a great job even with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Nevertheless, a doctorate opens many doors, not only in science.

With a doctorate, you position yourself in the industry and gain expert status in your field of interest. You show that you have acquired in-depth specialist knowledge and special problem-solving skills. Skills acquired here, such as motivation, self-organization, perseverance and time management, also qualify you for management positions at large companies in the business world. If you would like to pursue an academic career, a doctorate is often even more relevant. Certification of your ability to conduct research enhances your standing in the academic community and is often a formal prerequisite for further career steps.

However, besides extrinsic factors, intrinsic motivation should predominate: The doctorate gives you the opportunity to work on your field of interest in a largely self-determined and very intensive way. If you enjoy scientific work, the doctorate can be very fulfilling – especially computer science as a forward-looking scientific discipline is developing rapidly and always offers new questions and challenges that are just waiting to be solved.



If you want to climb another rung on the academic ladder after your doctorate, you are left with the habilitation as the highest-ranking university examination in the German-speaking world. The habilitation is the recognition of the special qualification for independent research and teaching. With the authorization to teach, you can give lectures independently and pass on your knowledge to students. The habilitation is a popular path to professorship.


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