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Doctoral studies

Why do a doctorate?

Computer scientists are in high demand on the job market and often find a good job even with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Nevertheless, a PhD opens many doors – not only in science. With a doctoral degree, you formally prove your expert status in your field of interest. You show that you have acquired in-depth specialist knowledge and special problem-solving skills. Skills gained here, such as motivation, self-organization, perseverance and time management, also qualify you for management positions in large companies. If you would like to pursue an academic career, a PhD is often even more relevant. Certification of your ability to conduct research increases your standing in the academic community and is often a prerequisite for further career steps. Most importantly, though, your own motivation should prevail: The doctoral degree gives you the opportunity to work largely self-determined and very intensively on your field of interest and favorite topic. If you enjoy scientific work, the doctorate can be very fulfilling – especially computer science as a forward-looking scientific discipline is developing rapidly and always offers new questions and challenges that are just waiting to be solved.

Why do a doctorate at our faculty?

Our modern and internationally oriented research covers many important sub-disciplines of computer science, IT security and applied computer science. The ecosystem of our faculty offers unique opportunities for an exciting PhD project. Through a close network of universities, research institutions, such as the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy or the Center of Advanced Internet Studies, and a strong IT industry, the city of Bochum is increasingly becoming the capital of IT and IT security. This is due in large part to the excellently trained professionals who receive a wide range of support here during their doctoral studies.

Doctoral regulations and forms

All procedural steps for the doctorate are regulated in the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Computer Science. The doctoral procedure formally begins with the application for acceptance as doctoral researcher. The doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Computer Science have been published as an Official Announcement (Amtliche Bekanntmachung) of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum No. 1454. Here you can read the English information on the doctoral regulations of our faculty – please note: the English information serves an informational purpose only and is not legally binding. All necessary forms you need for the doctoral procedure can be found here.

The path to your doctoral degree

RUB Research School

The RUB Research School is the central graduate school of the RUB. All doctoral researchers and post-docs of the 21 faculties benefit from an interdisciplinary and comprehensive qualification, service and support offer.