Challenge for young talent

Promoting young scientists plays a central role at our faculty. The need for IT specialists is huge not only in industry, but also in science. It is therefore our goal to closely accompany and support students interested in research.


Students are involved in exciting research projects during their studies and are thus motivated to think and participate in science. In addition to cutting-edge lectures and seminars by renowned researchers and the opportunity to write theses at various chairs, SHK and WHK jobs enable deeper immersion in different sub-disciplines during your studies.

PhD students

Exciting doctoral projects can be realized at our faculty. IT always offers new questions that need to be investigated. The various working groups often advertise doctoral positions, for example the Cluster of Excellence CASA Our doctoral candidates are automatically part of the RUB Research School. The central graduate school offers an extensive range of resources for special research projects. This includes consultations, further training, networking events, programs for the intellectual and financial support of individual projects as well as opportunities for the internationalization of research.


The faculty’s demand for young talent does not end after the doctoral process: junior professorships are regularly opened in cutting-edge disciplines, set up for talented people of young scientists To give space for their research and to include it in theirs to promote scientific careers.