Dr.-Ing. Ralf Hund

System security

Former assistant

Ruhr-University Bochum
Faculty of Computer Science
System security
Universitätsstr. 150
--D-44801 Bochum

Office Hours: By arrangement

E-Mail: ralf.​hund@​rub.​de


I am ge­ne­ral­ly in­te­rested in re­se­arch areas re­vol­ving around mal­wa­re, re­ver­se-en­gi­nee­rung and low-le­vel sys­tem se­cu­ri­ty, with a cer­tain focus on the of­fen­si­ve point of view. My past work in­clu­des eva­lua­ti­on the se­cu­ri­ty of sat­pho­ne stan­dards, ASLR ef­fec­tiven­ess, iOS Se­cu­ri­ty, bot­net de­tec­tion, and re­turn-ori­en­ted pro­gramming.