Beyond the theses offered on this page, you can always check out our research topics and contact persons working on stuff that interests you. Feel free to propose topics or ask if there’s any hot topic that isn’t listed down below yet! Just don’t forget to include some information on your background & interests.

In the following, you can find a couple of overview pages listing the topics/research interests of people looking for students (further below you find individual topics not covered by this):

Security Assessment of State-of-the-art Drones (collection of theses)
Betreuer: Nico Schiller

(Applications of) Fuzzing, Automated Exploit Generation, and Obfuscation (collection of theses)

Be­treu­er: Moritz Schloegel

Mo­bi­le & IoT se­cu­ri­ty and pri­va­cy (collection of theses)

Be­treu­er: Veela­sha Moon­sa­my

Fuzzing, Emulating, and Analyzing Embedded Systems Firmware (collection of theses)

Be­treu­er: To­bi­as Schar­now­ski

Fuzzing, Binary Rewriting, System Programming, Emulation (collection of theses)

Be­treu­er: Nils Bars

Online Privacy / Data Protection / Privacy Implementation (collection of theses)

Be­treu­er: Samuel Domiks

Cellular Networks & Mobile Network Security (multiple topics available)

Be­treu­er: David Rupprecht

IoT Security, Embedded Firmware and Hardware Analysis (collection of theses)

Be­treu­er: Philipp Mackensen

Subsequently, you can find single individual thesis topics:

Master thesis: Automated Analysis of Smartphone Baseband Modem Firmware

Be­treu­er: Daniel Klischies
Be­ginn: as soon as possible