User Authentication

Me­thods of User Au­then­ti­ca­ti­on (Mas­ter)

In this cour­se we con­s­i­der dif­fe­rent types of en­t­i­ty au­then­ti­ca­ti­on. Star­ting with pass­words, that we all use on a daily basis, we will see how they are uti­li­zed, why they are easy to guess, and how we can im­pro­ve their se­cu­ri­ty. Af­ter­wards, we will look at dif­fe­rent al­ter­na­ti­ves like one-ti­me pass­words, gra­phi­cal pass­words (e.g., An­dro­id Lock Pat­terns or Win­dows Pic­tu­re Pass­words), se­cu­ri­ty to­kens (e.g., Yu­bi­Key or RSA Se­cu­rID), or bio­me­tric sche­mes (e.g., Face re­co­gni­ti­on or Brain–com­pu­ter in­ter­faces), and learn their func­tio­na­li­ty to­ge­ther with their as­sets and draw­backs.