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Illness during exams

General information

In case of illness, restoring your health is more important than the exam. Only take part in examinations if you feel able to do so in terms of your health. Please note that an illness leading to an inability to take an examination is only given if it is not a case of examination anxiety or a permanent condition (chronic, irreversible illnesses). If the impairment is not temporary, compensation for a disadvantage may be possible. In this case, please contact the staff of the examination office in advance.

Attestation form

Form of delivery

A doctor’s certificate must be submitted to report sick for an examination. Please use the Attestation form for this purpose. Certificates of incapacity for work will not be accepted.

Until further notice, the attestation form has to be submitted by e-mail only from your own RUB mail account. The <strong in order to be able to present it to the examination office upon request.


The completed attestation form must be submitted to the examination office no later than 7 calendar days after the examination date.