Final theses

Thesis registration

You will soon find instructions on how to register your thesis with the faculty here.

Until then, please contact the examination office by e-mail to start the registration process of your thesis as usual.

Submission of final theses

Until further notice, final theses will be sent as a PDF document including a signed and scanned declaration in lieu of an oath via e-mail from your own RUB e-mail account to the e-mail address of the examination office ( and a copy will be sent to the first and second examiners (= both examiners as well as the secretary’s office of the first examiner will be put in CC in the e-mail). The date of the e-mail is sent is considered the submission date. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from the examination office in a timely manner.

Comprehensive papers that cannot be sent by e-mail will be made available for download via “sciebo”. In this case, the submission date is the day on which the link is provided to the examination office and the first and second examiners by e-mail.


As of 31.10.2022