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Change of examination regulations IT Security

For the winter semester 2020/21, new examination regulations have come into force for the study programs ITS . In almost all cases, it makes sense to change from the PO 2013 to the new PO 2020.

When changing the examination regulations, the recognition of examination achievements is based on the recognition tables and the resolution 89-5 of the examination board dated 23.09.2020.

Resolution 89-5 dated 23.09. 2020 – Change to the examination regulations 2020


When changing to the examination regulations 2020, examinations already taken are recognized as follows in the case of automatic recognition:

  1. All examination attempts (regardless of the respective examination result) will be recognized.
  2. All cancellations, sickness notifications, withdrawals and cancellations of examination attempts will be transferred.

Instructions for submitting applications ( note deadlines)

1. Read the rules of recognition (B.Sc. | M.Sc. ITS-I | M.Sc ITS-N) and contact the student advisory service in case of any questions.

2. Fill out appendix 2 of the application (see below) and send the signed form as a PDF via your RUB mail account to studienberatung-its@rub.de. Please state your degree program, your name and your matriculation number in the e-mail.

3. The faculty checks appendix 2 and the present examination results and then sends appendix 1 together with the application form for PO change back to you by e-mail with reservations (this process takes some time!).

4. Take note of the results of attachment 1. If the PO change is finally to be carried out, send the application form as a scanned, signed attachment in PDF format via your own RUB mail account, stating the degree program, name and matriculation number, to studienberatung-its@rub.de by the deadline. Upon receipt of the e-mail, the application for a change of PO is submitted and cannot be reversed.

5. The Examination Office sends a confirmation of theapproved application by e-mail to the RUB-mail address of the applicant.


Note: Please do not send us the completed appendix 2 until all examination results have been entered (exceptions are theses and industrial internships).

Summer semester 2022: 01.04. – 13.05.2022

From winter semester 2022/23: Dates will be announced at a later date.

Application documents