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Inaugural Lecture with Prof. Dr. Robert Schmidt on February 01, 2023

The Faculty of Computer Science cordially invites all interested parties to Prof. Dr. Robert Schmidt’s inaugural lecture “Neural data science: model-based approaches to understand cognitive control”. Schmidt has been Professor of Neural Data Science at the Faculty of Computer Science and the Institute of Neuroinformatics since September 2022. His research is dedicated to the neural mechanisms of cognitive functions. In doing so, he draws on analysis and computational modeling techniques, such as machine learning.

When? February 01, 2023, 2 PM to 3 PM, get together afterwards
Where? Open Space of the Faculty of Computer Science (building MC, ground floor)


Rapid technological advances have recently opened up new possibilities in understanding how the brain works. In particular the number of neurons that can be simultaneously recorded has increased considerably to hundreds (and soon thousands!) of neurons. In addition, we now have access to new types of neural signals, such as detailed measurements of the spatial and temporal dynamics of the neuromodulator dopamine. However, this has lead to a big challenge on how to actually process and analyze the resulting big data sets. Conventional approaches often do not take advantage of big data sets and lack mathematical models to describe and connect them to cognitive functions. Solutions for these challenges are part of the new exciting research field of ‘Neural Data Science’. In my talk I will present several new approaches to combine data analysis with computational models of neural activity in order to better understand the neurobiological mechanisms of cognitive control, motivation, and decision making. Finally, I will provide an outlook on future opportunities related to the development of new methods utilizing machine learning in the field of neural data science.

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I would like to take part in Prof. Robert Schmidt's inaugural lecture on February 1, 2023, 2-3 p.m