Elections to the first Faculty Council of the Faculty of Computer Science

All members – about 200 employees and 2000 students – of the Faculty of Computer Science, which was founded on October 01, 2021, are called to elect the first Faculty Council. The council consists of 15 members and one representative per member and is the central decision-making body of the faculty.

On this page we will inform you frequently about the elections.

Composition of the Faculty Council


15th of October, 2021 Election announcement and publication of the electoral roll
29th of October, 2021 Last day for submitting election proposals and objections to the electoral roll
01st of November, 2021 If applicable, extension period for notification of election proposals
02nd of November, 2021 Publication of the election proposals
04th of November, 2021 Deadline for requesting a postal vote ballot
19th of November, 2021 Election date 9 am to 3 pm
22nd of November, 2021 Publication of election results