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Boards and commissions


Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is composed of elected representatives of professors, students, academic staff, and staff from technology and administration. It elects the dean, decides on the allocation of funds of the faculty (monetary and material resources as well as personnel), on questions concerning research and questions concerning teaching at the faculty.

Doctoral Committee

The Doctoral Examination Committee coordinates, supervises and examines all doctoral procedures of the Faculty of Computer Science according to the applicable doctoral regulations.

Examination Committee

The Examination Committee ensures compliance with the provisions of the examination regulations as well as the proper conduct of examinations. The Examination Office is subordinate to the Examination Committee.

Quality Improvement Commission

The Quality Improvement Commission advises the Dean’s Office regarding the improvement of quality in teaching and studies according to § 3 of the Studiumsqualitätsgesetz and the allocation of funds earmarked for this purpose.

Evaluation Commission

The Evaluation Commission is responsible for the organization and coordination of evaluations of teaching and studies according to § 4 of the RUB Evaluation Regulations.

Study Advisory Board

In matters of teaching and studies, especially in matters of study reform, evaluation of studies and teaching, as well as regarding the enactment or amendment of examination regulations, the Faculty Council as well as the Dean are advised by the Study Advisory Board of the Faculty according to § 28 para. 8 HG.