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  6. Dr.-Ing. Timo Bartkewitz

Dr.-Ing. Timo Bartkewitz

Embedded Security

For­mer As­sis­tant

Ruhr-University Bochum
Faculty of Computer Science
Embedded Security
Universitätsstr. 150
D-44801 Bochum

Office Hours: By arrangement

E-Mail: Timo.Bartkewitz@rub.de


I am wor­king on va­rious to­pics in the area of hard­ware se­cu­ri­ty. So far main­ly on fol­lowing to­pics: - Hard­ware Tro­jans - Si­de-chan­nel Ana­ly­sis - IP-Pro­tec­tion (Hard­ware and Soft­ware wa­ter­mark, Hard­ware Ob­fu­s­ca­ti­on) - Phy­si­cal Un­clonable Func­tions (PUFs) - Se­cu­re Lo­ca­ti­on Ve­ri­fi­ca­ti­on