Floyd Zweydinger

 Research Interests     

  1. Post-Quantum-Cryptography
  2. (Algorithmic-) Cryptanalysis
  3. Coding Theory
  4. Time-Memory-Tradeoffs



Andre Esser, Javier Verbel, Floyd Zweydinger, Emanuele Bellini

$\texttt{CryptographicEstimators}$: a Software Library for Cryptographic Hardness Estimation


Emanuele Bellini, Jorge Chavez-Saab, Jesús-Javier Chi-Domínguez, Andre Esser, Sorina Ionica, Luis Rivera-Zamarripa, Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez,Monika Trimoska, Floyd Zweydinger

Andre Esser, Floyd Zweydinger

New Time-Memory Trade-Offs for Subset Sum — Improving ISD in Theory and Practice Talk Slides EuroCrypt 23


Andre Esser, Alexander May, and Floyd Zweydinger

McEliece needs a Break — Solving McEliece-1284 and Quasi-Cyclic-2918 with Modern ISD EuroCrypt 2022 Talk Slides



Alexander May, Floyd Zweydinger

Legendre PRF (Multiple) Key Attacks and the Power of Preprocessing CSF 2022 Slides

Andre Esser, Robert Kübler, Floyd Zweydinger

A Faster Algorithm for Finding Closest Pairs in Hamming Metric FSTTCS 2021 Talk Slides


Winter Term 2019/2020

Summer Term 2020

Winter Term 2020/2021

Winter Term 2021/2022